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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Writing Log

#Update (13 August) - Tim Grant, with a piece on the International Rivers blog, writing about his summer research on hydropower development on Russia's Amur River -

#Update (30 July) - third piece of the summer, in Mint (the Indian edition of WSJ), on India-Israel relations and how the UNHRC vote is compatible with Indian national interest -

#Update (21 July) - Eric Jospe, on Tufts' Institute of Global Leadership (IGL), on his work in Monrovia

#Update (18 July) - my second piece of this summer, in Takshashila's Pragati magazine, on what India can learn from failed efforts at regime change in Iraq and Afghanistan -

#Update (10 July) - Rebecca Aguilar, as the only Fletcher student working in Israel, shares her thoughts on current upheaval in the aftermath of the kidnapping and murder of three Israeli teenagers, and Israel's reprisal attacks in the Palestinian territories:
(She was kind enough to let me carry it as a guest post here on ErgoNomics.)

#Update (03 July) - Madeeha writes in the Express Tribune on the challenges of displacement in Pakistan -

#Update (30 June) - my first piece of this summer, in Takshashila's Pragati magazine, on the implications of Iraq and political risk for India -

Compiling a list of blogs from friends and classmates. I will also add here links to any pieces I publish this summer, and/or any pieces my friends write that aren't on their own blogs.

In no particular order, people who may occasionally write / write about interesting things this summer

Also, replugs for some of my F14 favourites

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